Omfocus Group
Omfocus Tech Group focuses on the home and lifestyle industry, dedicated to innovation and excellence in product design and development.
With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction,
Omfocus tech Group offers a range of high-quality products through its brands: Omuark / Omconnect and Garonne.
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Brand Omuark / Omconnect: Smart Solutions for Security and Convenience
Omuark / Omconnect leads the way in providing smart products designed to enhance security and convenience in homes and businesses.
The brand's range of products includes: Smart Key Box, Smart Parcel Box, Smart Safe, Smart Door Lock Products.

Brand Garonne: Elevating Home Environments
Garonne is synonymous with sophistication and elegance in home products for bathrooms and kitchens.
The brand's exquisite offerings include:
Bathroom Products, Kitchen Products and Home Accessories Products.
Home safe products
Smart Key safe
Smart Parcel box
Smart Door lock
Smart Home safe
Bathroom products
Heating toilet seat
LED lights
Bathroom accessories

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We welcome ODM project cooperation

We focus on: Mechanical / Firmware / Electronic / PCBA / Prototyping / Manufacturing


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